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Today’s new developments may be history tomorrow. By staying ahead of the game we are always ready for the future.

The very first Cimcool R&D centre was established in Cincinnati, Ohio in the US. It was here that the world’s first synthetic metalworking fluid was developed and produced in the 1940s.
R&D facilities Europe
Metalworking fluid development and sales progressed rapidly in Europe. The R&D facilities in the European headquarters in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands grew along with it, turning it into the state-of-the-art laboratory it is today. This laboratory responds to all of today’s and tomorrow’s technical requirements, not only in terms of equipment, but also (and more particularly) in terms of knowledge, expertise and experience.
Each European Cimcool office has its own Cimcool service laboratory, providing our clients with quick local service. When needed more extensive testing is performed in the laboratory in Vlaardingen.
Global R&D developments
The Asian Pacific and American Cimcool divisions also incorporate high-tech R&D laboratories. This allows Cimcool to keep up with and stay ahead of global developments. Developments in:

  • Industrial fluids
  • Metal(working) industry
  • Production processes and machining
  • Technological innovations