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All over the world buildings & transportation vehicles need to be heated or cooled. Both demand excellent Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning systems.

The HVAC industry is one that is booming throughout the world and constantly developing. Almost every building requires such a system. With increasing environmental awareness the demand for efficient systems is still increasing, encouraging further innovations.
Satisfied Cimcool customers:
Cimcool metalworking fluids are successfully being used in the following HVAC markets:
HVAC Domestic market (inc. office buildings):
  • For fin Stamping
  • For copper tube expansion and bending (refrigerant compatible)
HVAC Automotive market
  • Radiator and condenser cores
  • High compatibility with various cleaning and brazing methods.
High-quality, innovative products
As the HVAC market develops, Cimcool develops alongside its customers. Over the years we have developed an extensive line of Milform products which have proven their success in the HVAC industry.